Nogaravin is a unique brand for object design to the young and young at heart. The designs are minimalistic and simple, yet innovative- they are demanding the player’s imagination and creativity to take an active role in the interaction. The production is handmade, and the collections are small and ever-changing. There is a constant play with colours and fabrics, and custom made orders are accepted.

My name is Noga and i'm a designer, originally from Israel, and now based in Poland. I'm producing Puppets, bags, toys and other Object’s design. I love to see how unexpectedly these objects come to life and fill my heart and day. Object design is my passion, profession and my education. I graduated from "Bezalel", the art and design Academy (Jerusalem, Israel) and since then I am using my imagination to make familiar and daily materials come to life in new ways. I create things that I would like to have and play with. they are simple, fun, and stimulates the imagination. all products in my store, are hand made and designed by me with a lot of thought and love.